Banned Books Week

I have recently found that this is banned books week as designated by the American Library Association. I found this to be interesting and what was even more the book, the person was showcasing. It was an amazing and beautiful book about Disney princes falling in love with other princes and princesses falling in love with other princesses. I thought it was amazing to use this week to showcase these beautiful books with a powerful message. The ALA says that is what this week is about, bringing awareness to books that have been banned or challenged. Also, they say it is about reminding people that we will not have our right to read and write books taken away or controlled by anyone. I absolutely love this message and completely agree with it.  I was surprised however to see the books that were on the banned list for the last few years. There were the series hunger game and fifty shades of grey. Both of these I have read and hunger games especially I do not understand. To me it was a book about empowerment and perseverance. Overcoming oppression and overlords. Fifty shades of grey could have just been given a different rating for its explicit scenes but not banned. I really expected to see a different kind of book and not so many that I love and have read; there were a lot more than these two series on there that were not new to me. It is interesting to me to have this amazing week to showcase these books but to also see what American thinks should be challenged or banned. I think there should be more than a week devoted to these amazing series with beautiful messages, may be it should be changed to a whole month. Maybe our country is a lot more cynical and sensitive than we realized? That could be the reason for these books being banned or challenged. Thankful for the ALA and the people who run it to be able to keep a list of these amazing books so that people can go buy them to challenge the system.

What books were you surprised to see on the list? What books do you think should go on the list but are not?

Lets celebrate reading and writing as something as a beautiful and respected past time all should part take in.


It was suggested to me to try meditation as a way to open up my third eye and strengthen my creative side. This could be a way to help ensure creativity and the words just flow out of me. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words or to  make sense of the picture I see in my head on the page in writing. I thought I would give this a try and when I went to search meditation ideas a plethora came up. There were so many it was hard to choose the right ones. I finally decided on two where I would sit with my eye closed and focus on my breathing for ten minutes. Then I liked the one where you say affirmations in your head over and over. I thought this could be a good way to remind myself to be positive. So far I have found it the most difficult to find the time or motivation to meditate. But recently my fourth book has been on my mind so im thinking it would be a good idea to try and then maybe the ideas to finish the fourth book will just flow. Do you meditate? What are your favorite ideas that help creativity to just flow out of you?

The Hunt for Ginger’s Gummy Tots – by Becci Murray

This is a wonderfully written, truly magical search and quest book. It begins with a young person visiting a bakery that happens to be making all of the cookies for Santa Claus to deliver that night, Christmas Eve. While there they realize that one of the gingerbread cookies is missing his magical buttons. These buttons are special and without their magic the gingerbread cookie cannot come to life. That brings in the reader who will go on a quest to find the magical buttons. During this quest the reader has two choices to make that each lead them on a different journey. You are able to go back and make a different choice if you end up with a not so fun ending. You are also able to go back to the beginning and completely start over. I found it to be so much fun to see where the choice I made took me. It made me curious to see what the other choice would bring. I of course wanted to see what the original second choice would bring once I actually completed my quest. This book is full of magic, fun and completely keeps you engaged while peaking your curiosity at what will come next. After reading this, I will be buying the other 3 books that came before it. Highly recommend it, 5/5 stars

The true story of the three little pigs by Jon Scieszka, Illustrations by Lane Smith

This is a wonderfully funny retelling of the traditional story the Three Little Pigs from the point of view of the wolf. Written in first person, immediately the tone of the wolf as he retells it is light and funny. It is a pretty imaginative idea to tell the story from the viewpoint of the wolf or someone who is supposed to be the bad guy. Using the wolf’s voice gives the character a new image. He is no longer this bad guy that wants to do nothing more than break down the three little pigs doors and eat them; he becomes this relatable person with feelings that can make the audience laugh and feel sorry for him. In addition, the illustrations bring the words to life in their use of darker colors that have an almost gritty yet light feeling to them. This story is an instant classic, one of my personal favorites growing up, that is able to changing the image of the bad guy while also encouraging children to believe that there are always two sides to a story.

A review by Lisa Jacovsky