Lets talk! series book 2

Update on the status of Lets Talk! series book 2: the second book in the series is now in production. I have received and approved all 12 sketches which is very exciting. For a sneak peak at the sketches you can check out my instagram @Booksbylisajacovsky for an IGTV showing them. You can guess the theme of the adventure from the video too. Soon ill be able to update when the book will be published=) i look forward to everyone reading and enjoying the second book

calm monsters, kind monsters book review

Calm Monsters, Kind Monsters by Kenney Karen Latchana

Sesame Street characters introduce mindfulness techniques in the pages of this amazing book. Loveable Cookie Monster, magical Abby Cadabby, and other popular characters discuss some mindfulness techniques are and show how to do them correctly. This is a wonderful resource for introducing these simple, helpful techniques to even young children. The illustrations are bright and attractive, effectively keeping a child’s focus. The story is equally appealing, and child readers will want to imitate the actions modeled by the characters, such as belly breathing, positive self-talk, and more. Mindfulness techniques are evidence-based, effective approaches to problem-solving and wellness that have come to the fore of social-emotional learning curricula in recent years. This is a good “first book” on the topic for preschoolers and early education statements, and it is a “must read” for any family collection. This is sure to become a favorite in no time.

Life of an indie author

Life of an Indie Author part 1

              Publishing my first children’s book was absolutely thrilling and a total dream come true. During the process I hired the publisher to do marketing for me. I knew it would be all social media, but I did not realize how much. I was emailed weekly reports that had the name of the site, my login, and my password. This was overwhelming; mostly due to the fact I had no idea so many sites existed for authors. I tried my best to save the sites and their passwords. Then once the paid marketing campaign was over it was up to me to keep up with all these new sites. It can be overwhelming at times.

              Even though all these sites have been setup for me, I am still finding new sites to promote my books and short stories; thank you FB networking for this. It is interesting to me to see several sites that do similar things. I keep wondering should I choose just one? But then I am the type of person that takes a chance, so I do not keep wondering. This kind of an attitude has led me to just sign up for them all. Is it overwhelming, yes; is it worth it, absolutely. If I can reach one person, one family with my short stories and make them laugh then I am happy. That is another great thing about these sites, they all have stats and show you how many people read your stuff. Its pretty interesting to me and tells me how successful each blog or short story is.

              I am finding that constant marketing, which includes being on a ton of different sites, is just the life of an indie author.

Unicorn Jazz book review

Unicorn Jazz by Lisa Caprelli is a beautiful book about learning to accept yourself for who you are. The cover itself is striking and eye catching. The illustrations inside match and are part of what keeps you wanting to turn the page to read more. The story is about a young unicorn who loves to sing. One day, her family moves, and she finds that she now must make new friends. She tries to change herself to be like the new animals she meets. This does not work because she is beautiful as she is. One day she meets an animal that is also different. She learns from this animal that it does not matter if she can eat food high like giraffes or hide like a chameleon, she has her own talents. With the help of her friend, she finds her confidence and begins to sing in front of her new classmates. Everyone loves her voice and puts aside any differences to become friends. This is a book for any family to begin the conversation of accepting our differences with their children. It has a beautiful song inside any child would love to sing. This is a new book that I will be sharing with my clients at work and would recommend to any family or school teacher.