I have mentioned in other blog posts that each book in the series is going to center on a specific experience, or adventure, the girls go on. For the first book choosing the pool was easy because going to the pool every day is how I grew up. I would literally wake my parents up to get to the pool the exact time it opened, and we would even get dinner there and stay until it closed. Being in the water, whether it is a pool or the beach or a lake or the bay, is something that I still love to this day. Being in the water feels like home; it is comforting and easy. It felt right to make the first book where the girls meet at the pool. I have written the second book already and have written half of the third book. I have ideas for two more books in the series. Can anyone guess what the adventure in the next two books will be? Anyone want to share their adventures from growing up they would want to see in the book? Or an adventure they have gone on with someone in their life that has a disability or Autism?