Independent author network book of the year award finalist

So pleased to announce that Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship was chosen as a finalist in the Independent author network of the year awards! So incredibly pleased and humbled to have the support of fellow independent authors. This award means the most to me as it is my community providing support, thank […]

Podcast positive feedback


Fire Bird award winner!!

Incredibly proud to announce that book 1, Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship has won the Fire Bird award for best picture children’s book ages 4-8 category!! I absolutely love this award in that it is a nonprofit. such an incredible experience and I hope you will check out episode 4 of my […]

Podcast links

Hi here are the links to my podcast No Limits with Lisa Jacovsky. I hope you enjoy and are able to rate and follow. There will be new episodes every two weeks with episode one already out, thanks everyone!

Podcast interview 7-28-21 Check out a new interview with this amazing podcast, I love that he is able to spread awareness of not only Autism but fellow authors with incredible books. Check out his podcast for more fun interviews  Magic Everywhere Inc Michael John Sullivan

Purple dragonfly award 2021

Both my books won honorable mentions in all 3 categories that i entered them into in the Purple Dragonfly awards 2021. I am so grateful to have my work recognized from an amazing and renowned company. I am thankful for companies like them and Literary Titan that recognize my work and its message. Check out […]

Purchase coloring book

Here are scannable QR codes to purchase coloring books made of the my one award winning books illustrations: For Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship:

Link to buy the series Lets Talk! securely through square with one click

Lets talk! a story of autism and friendship $10.00Pay now If you would like to purchase Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship, you can click the above link and pay securely through square. If you would like your copy signed by me then please message me first and i will ensure to send […]

Frogness by Sarah Nelson and Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

If you guessed this book was all about frogs by the title, then you guessed right. This is a sweet story about a boy and his dog who love to go look for frogs at night. The story begins with the frogs making their sounds very loudly. It almost seems like this bothers the boy […]

I love winter dear dragon by marla conn

This is a wonderful book to help children that are just starting to read. In the book, there is a glossary in the beginning of different words that are found in it. There are also sight words that are commonly used for beginning readers. This is a great idea to not only engage the reader […]