calm monsters, kind monsters book review

Calm Monsters, Kind Monsters by Kenney Karen Latchana

Sesame Street characters introduce mindfulness techniques in the pages of this amazing book. Loveable Cookie Monster, magical Abby Cadabby, and other popular characters discuss some mindfulness techniques are and show how to do them correctly. This is a wonderful resource for introducing these simple, helpful techniques to even young children. The illustrations are bright and attractive, effectively keeping a child’s focus. The story is equally appealing, and child readers will want to imitate the actions modeled by the characters, such as belly breathing, positive self-talk, and more. Mindfulness techniques are evidence-based, effective approaches to problem-solving and wellness that have come to the fore of social-emotional learning curricula in recent years. This is a good “first book” on the topic for preschoolers and early education statements, and it is a “must read” for any family collection. This is sure to become a favorite in no time.