Independent author network book of the year award finalist

So pleased to announce that Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship was chosen as a finalist in the Independent author network of the year awards! So incredibly pleased and humbled to have the support of fellow independent authors. This award means the most to me as it is my community providing support, thank you for this!

Fire Bird award winner!!

Incredibly proud to announce that book 1, Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship has won the Fire Bird award for best picture children’s book ages 4-8 category!!

I absolutely love this award in that it is a nonprofit. such an incredible experience and I hope you will check out episode 4 of my podcast No Limits with Lisa Jacovsky for an interview with the creator of the award, Pat Rullo=)

Podcast links

Hi here are the links to my podcast No Limits with Lisa Jacovsky. I hope you enjoy and are able to rate and follow. There will be new episodes every two weeks with episode one already out, thanks everyone!

Link to buy the series Lets Talk! securely through square with one click

Lets talk! a story of autism and friendship

Lets talk! a story of autism and friendship

$10.00Pay now

If you would like to purchase Lets Talk! a story of autism and friendship, you can click the above link and pay securely through square. If you would like your copy signed by me then please message me first and i will ensure to send a special message thanks! -Lisa

To purchase: Lets talk! going to the zoo

Lets Talk! Going to the zoo

Lets Talk! Going to the zoo

$15.00Pay now

Thank you! i hope you enjoy both my current books! – Lisa

Why i write

A parent told me today she had bought both books and she has a hard time with her parents understanding her child with autism and we had talked about having her parents read it to see if they could understand better and she told me today she had them and her aunt read them and her aunt cried, she said to see a book that shows diversity multi cultural characters included meant so much and to see other cultures have little ones with autism too meant alot, she said coming from someone like me a white female really showed alot to her and she said it was so amazing to see a book not written because it’s what people want to read but written to show something and it really made me tear up and made my day this is why I do it and just wanted to share 


my first virtual book tour 3/29/21-4/16/21

check out my first virtual book tour:—current-tours/spotlight-book-tour-lets-talk-a-story-of-autism-and-friendship-by-lisa-jacovsky

This is for my first book and will have interviews, guest posts and giveaways!

Check it out and if you would like to feature my book on your site then definitely sign up=)

i am so excited for this! it is from march 29th -april 16th, i hope you all enjoy! more virtual tours to come;-)

Book 2 sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of book 2 Lets Talk! and go to the zoo coming out April 2, 2021 of the first illustration you will see in the book, i hope you all are excited!