I finally received my copy of my book and was able to post it to my social media. The response was amazing and completely humbling. The best part about the response was the families that reached out that had little ones with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis wanting to collaborate. It made realize writing this book has given me a platform to network and collaborate with some amazing people. Bringing awareness to the good that is Autism Spectrum Disorder has been something that I have worked on since I started in this field. Now having my book be able to make my reach go even further has made this even more special to me. I am so excited to collaborate with these families and bring even more awareness to topics that have to do with Autism Spectrum Disorder through my writing and hopefully book events. I am open to even more collaboration with anyone who would like to that is just passionate about bringing awareness to the world about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Any ideas for collaboration, any ideas for future topics is most welcome. Please feel free to email me any time and I really am excited to continue to bring to families how amazing a little one with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be.