I purposely wrote my story the way I did for a reason. I purposely wrote it with characters that are different ethnicities really to show there is diversity when it comes to Autism Spectrum Disorder. I decided to do a little marketing of my own and look up some different children’s book pages on Instagram. I was excited to see some pages promoting diversity. Then I followed one and really looked at their pictures and books they were promoting. It was remarkably interesting to me to see their definition of diversity really had to do with ethnicity. It was a little saddening to see that it was so limited to just ethnicity. For me diversity is overly broad and is more than just a person’s ethnicity. To me diversity encompasses your sexuality too and that includes non-binary in the LGBTQ+ community and those with special needs. For me it was a little sad to see that there were no books with special needs children as the main character being promoted. I even reached out to the person running this page however they did not respond which I thought was a little telling of their character and attitude. If that is the kind of page they want to run, great, it at least promotes diversity in ethnicity. But I really hope that one day the number of pages that have a true diverse range of books they promote out numbers the number of pages that only promote one kind of diversity. What does diversity mean to you?