Favorite Local Bookstores

As I mentioned before I shop a lot at thrift bookstores on eBay for gently used children’s books to add to my library for work. I recently found this website that allows you to search a book and see what local bookstores carry it. I think it is pretty awesome. I love a good local bookstore. One of my favorite things to do is go to Princeton and shop in their local and thrift bookstores. I love stores that are not chains and not big brand. I remember the last time I went, I forget the name of the store, but I think it was affiliated with the university, and I just got completely lost  in it looking at their books for sale. My best friend was with me and we both had the best time. Pretty sure it was part of the Princeton University store, but it had so many books that were not what you would typically find. Then you have all those stores on the main street. There are a few with books sitting outside the store with great deals. These are my favorite stores to go to. I do love Barnes and Noble, I grew up going there and to Borders, but my heart really is in Princeton with those secondhand book and thrift bookstores. I could spend hours there just browsing and then spend not that much money buy a whole bunch of books. That really is the best part, the deals you get in second hand and thrift bookstores. Better though, is knowing you are supporting a local business. In these crazy times I think supporting our local businesses is more important than ever. What are some of your favorite places to shop second and thrift bookstores? What are the names of your favorite bookstores to shop in and why?