Frogness by Sarah Nelson and Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

If you guessed this book was all about frogs by the title, then you guessed right. This is a sweet story about a boy and his dog who love to go look for frogs at night. The story begins with the frogs making their sounds very loudly. It almost seems like this bothers the boy and this could be why he goes in search of frogs. As you go on to read, the story becomes silly and fun. The way it is written makes you want to say the story in a rhyme which makes it fun. The layout of the book has the words going in spirals down the page. This is not something you see often, and I think a great idea for this book and theme. It goes along with the frogs who like to jump and leap and make spirals through the air.  There is a little learning about frogs from this book and a beautiful explanation at the end of what a chorus of frogs means. The illustrations really bring this simple, sweet story to life. By the time you finish it you can’t help but smile and believe that frogs are as adorable as the boy thinks they are.

5/5 stars