I love fall Dear Dragon by Marla Conn

I love Fall Dear Dragon by Marla Conn

              This is a wonderful book to help children that are just starting to read. In the book, there is a glossary in the beginning of different words that are found in it. There are also sight words that are commonly used for beginning readers. This is a great idea to not only engage the reader but let them practice the words they are going to be reading. The idea in the book is to show the different fun things about fall. The author uses a dragon which is an appealing way to capture the attention of a reader and encourage them to want to read this book. It is simple enough for anyone to read with two sentences that are two or three words each on the page. This is a great way for early readers to work on ehancing their reading skills. The illustrations are bright and vibrant, bringing to life the words. The illustrations complement the book very well. At the end are two activities for the reader to complete that would help them work on enhancing their skills. One is working on plural and singular nouns and another is an activity to relate the story. Having activities like this making the story more memorable. It also enhances skills which is a great idea for an beginning reading book to have. This a must read for any child who is beginning their journey into learning to read. 5/5