Life of an indie author

Life of an Indie Author part 1

              Publishing my first children’s book was absolutely thrilling and a total dream come true. During the process I hired the publisher to do marketing for me. I knew it would be all social media, but I did not realize how much. I was emailed weekly reports that had the name of the site, my login, and my password. This was overwhelming; mostly due to the fact I had no idea so many sites existed for authors. I tried my best to save the sites and their passwords. Then once the paid marketing campaign was over it was up to me to keep up with all these new sites. It can be overwhelming at times.

              Even though all these sites have been setup for me, I am still finding new sites to promote my books and short stories; thank you FB networking for this. It is interesting to me to see several sites that do similar things. I keep wondering should I choose just one? But then I am the type of person that takes a chance, so I do not keep wondering. This kind of an attitude has led me to just sign up for them all. Is it overwhelming, yes; is it worth it, absolutely. If I can reach one person, one family with my short stories and make them laugh then I am happy. That is another great thing about these sites, they all have stats and show you how many people read your stuff. Its pretty interesting to me and tells me how successful each blog or short story is.

              I am finding that constant marketing, which includes being on a ton of different sites, is just the life of an indie author.