Literary Titan editorial review 5-21

“Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo is a wonderfully educational children’s picture book that provides several different valuable life lessons all in one lively story. Going to the Zoo follows two friends, Harper and Emma, that take their first trip to the zoo. They are so excited to go that they imagine what it would be like. When they actually go to the zoo, it it is better than they imagined, but there is a group of mean kids there that are making fun of Emma because she has autism. Harper must stand up to the mean kids and educate them, and readers, on autism and what it really means.

Author Lisa Jacovsky provides readers with another wonderful opportunity to learn about autism through a normal activity, like going to the zoo. This book will serve to educate children in two ways; what the zoo is and how fun it can be, and teach them about autism and how autistic people act. Switching between these two topics in the book created a uniquely enlightening experience. Standing up for your friends and being nice to one another are fantastic values that are shown throughout this story, and are accompanied by vibrant pastel graphic art on every other page.

Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo promotes acceptance, inclusivity and diversity by being very open and honest about what is happening. This children’s book should be read along with an adult as some of the words are advanced, but the beautiful illustrations will surely keep children’s attention while reading.”

Literary Titan 4/4 stars