The story is written well. illustrations are beautiful. it will make kids aware about autism and also give them message to be kind and friendly to the one who is having it. I enjoyed reading this adventurous story of Emma and Harper. Dont miss to read it. 5/5 stars.

I Love Unique Books

Let’s Talk is a children’s book with a plot that centers on autism, a challenging lifelong disorder.

The story is mainly about Emma, a girl that was born with autism. However, it was told through the perspective of her best friend, Harper.

Aside being quite educative about autism and how it affects those living with it, Let’s Talk equally captures some of the tenderness and selfless acts children often exhibit.

The book is written in bold letters and has pictures that describe some of the scenes, thus making it more thrilling for children to grasp the story and to also understand how each character looks like.

Harper met Emma at the poolside. At first, she didn’t understand why Emma was behaving a little differently. However, when she was made to understand that Emma was born with a disorder that affected how she relates with the world around her, it didn’t stop Harper from developing a great friendship with her.

Let’s Talk is an interesting and engaging book that is highly recommended for kids.

A Review by Childrens Book Shelf: A Story About Friendship and Acceptance

A young girl meets a new friend at the pool and discovers that she is Autistic. After asking her mother about it and learning more about how to communicate effectively the two become great friends. They spend the summer playing at the pool and when school times she teaches the other children how to communicate effectively with her new friend. You don’t see many books out there quite like this, its an excellent story with a lot of educational value.

Linda Nese

So proud of my niece (cousin) Lisa jacovsky who has written this amazing book!! Definitely Worth every pennie. I will be donating to school and library. Such a great inspiring read!! Again so proud of you!! Love love the book!!

Linda Nese

Lisa Jacovsky I absolutely love the book. I think young children should be able to understand a child or person who has autism from reading this. It brings awareness.

Therese S.

As an educator for almost forty years, I have taught many students with varied degrees of autism.
I find that people seem to be afraid of that term and really don't understand what autism means. I
am thrilled that Lisa Jacovsky has introduced us to a special friendship between two young girls
who share so much of themselves through their special bond and the understanding and
acceptance of autism. Let's Talk! A Story of Friendship and Autism is a must read for all!!! –

Steve J.

lisa jacovsky's book is very enlightening it brings to the forefront of children and adults who
have autism a subject that a lot of people do not understand autism needs to be understood on an
individual basis there are different levels of autism and that is what this books reading message
teaching for all ages what a book good reading

Mike J.

Worth the read!
Very well written book! Great illustrations that make it easy to follow, especially for children. I
recommend to all, definitely a book worth reading!

Nancy J.

As a parent I enjoyed reading this book. It teaches not only the children but adults too that not
everyone is the same. That autism is nothing to be afraid of. I think Lisa has a great book and I
hope she keeps writing and teaches us all about autism and how we can all grow and learn to
treat not only children with autism but adults too.