The Hunt for Ginger’s Gummy Tots – by Becci Murray

This is a wonderfully written, truly magical search and quest book. It begins with a young person visiting a bakery that happens to be making all of the cookies for Santa Claus to deliver that night, Christmas Eve. While there they realize that one of the gingerbread cookies is missing his magical buttons. These buttons are special and without their magic the gingerbread cookie cannot come to life. That brings in the reader who will go on a quest to find the magical buttons. During this quest the reader has two choices to make that each lead them on a different journey. You are able to go back and make a different choice if you end up with a not so fun ending. You are also able to go back to the beginning and completely start over. I found it to be so much fun to see where the choice I made took me. It made me curious to see what the other choice would bring. I of course wanted to see what the original second choice would bring once I actually completed my quest. This book is full of magic, fun and completely keeps you engaged while peaking your curiosity at what will come next. After reading this, I will be buying the other 3 books that came before it. Highly recommend it, 5/5 stars